Refrigerated transport

We have extensive experience in the refrigerated transport of processed products. Our deliveries across Poland and Europe to your wholesalers (warehouses) and retailers (shops, restaurants) meet the highest standards of the industry.
AVILOG POLSKA has always been driven by a strong commitment to customer service. Through our relationships built on respect and trust, we seek to promote efficiency at all times, in terms of listening to our customers, availability, personalised services, delivery deadlines, etc. As we like to say, we want you to think of us as a partner who “proposes solutions to help you go further”.


  • The control of the cold chain and application of HACCP rules, which is a way of identifying, assessing and controlling food safety risks

For our staff:

  • In-house training course (induction, training and at least 4 weeks of paired deliveries)
  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • Training and awareness-raising in energy-efficient driving.


  • Responsive operating equipment
  • On-board computers on all vehicles
  • Real-time temperature tracking
  • Regularly renewed EURO 6 class rolling stock.