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Welcome to AVILOG POLSKA specialising in farmyard transport.
Whether you have always worked in transport or it is something you are looking to get into, you are more than welcome in AVILOG POLSKA. Because commitment and a strong work ethic are the values we espouse more than any other !

Our commitments

Finding the right balance together


No driving licence ? We’ve got the solution !

Here at AVILOG POLSKA, what matters is know-how and desire. Many of our employees first join AVILOG POLSKA as part of an apprenticeship contract, following a work-study course before joining as a permanent employee. In the space of a few months, they learn the skills they need. Then, once when they’re ready, it’s time to hit the road !


Never alone !

Here at AVILOG POLSKA, we would never let a new recruit hit the road with fears, so each new driver is given the opportunity to discover their job in tandem with an experienced driver, until they feel confident enough to drive on their own. In addition to these instructor drivers, all new recruits will be given close support by their manager and the regional training provider. Together, they will work with the employee to evaluate training requirements: equipment initiation, plotting routes, specialist training – no stone is left unturned as part of the integration course.


Many hard-working and highly motivated employees have risen through the ranks of AVILOG POLSKA to become trainers, managers and directors.
There is ample scope for career progression and flexibility for employees within the organisation, depending on their personal preferences and skills. Employees can address these matters with their manager at the regular debriefing meetings and annual appraisals.


As long as you’re well, we’re all well !

That is how we see things at AVILOG POLSKA. That is why we prioritise health (private health insurance, sport’s pass, availability of equipment for less arduous working conditions) and work-life balance. All employees are given every opportunity to raise any concerns they have with their manager.


Humans and technology – working together for the environment

We are fully aware of the impact we have on the environment, which is why we have invested in new vehicles equipped with the very latest in steering technology. We are also looking into alternative energy sources (gas-powered vehicles are in the process of being developed) and all of our drivers are given training in energy-efficient driving.

Our areas of expertise


“Unity in diversity” is the motto of the Mousset Group and its Polish subsidiary, AVILOG POLSKA. The common denominator of all our activities is the way in which we use our expertise, our knowledge of the product and an unwavering commitment to service in order to provide our customers with immediate, flexible solutions to their problems. Meeting these challenges on a daily basis is what motivates the employees of AVILOG POLSKA.


“Farmyard” drivers are drawn more to the countryside than they are to city. They enjoy working as part of a team and being in close contact with farmers. They also enjoy driving when everyone else is still asleep They like a world that is closer to agriculture than it is to transport.