Unity in diversity

“Unity in diversity” is the motto of the Mousset Group and its Polish subsidiary, AVILOG POLSKA. The common denominator of all our activities is the way in which we use our expertise, our knowledge of the product and an unwavering commitment to service in order to provide our customers with immediate, flexible solutions to their problems. Meeting these challenges on a daily basis is what motivates the employees of AVILOG POLSKA.

We said it, we did it

The Mousset Group, a family company driven by farmyard transport, has grown continuously over the past 55 years to become an industry leader and one of the standout transport companies on the European market. AVILOG POLSKA can therefore draw not only on this extensive experience, but also on the Group’s financial structure and solidity, to guarantee the company’s success in Poland.

Partners first and foremost

At AVILOG POLSKA, we would like you to look upon us as a reliable and long-term partner for your business activities. Your interests are our interests: supply chain organisation, use of material resources, continuous development, continuing productivity, sustainable partnership between our respective teams (more often gathering on the same site), etc. We are here to guarantee your success and satisfy your need.

4-Level management structure

AVILOG POLSKA is steadfastly committed to its 4-level management structure and firmly believes that we can improve the service we deliver to our customers by ensuring that our employees in the field are suitably trained and qualified.
We believe that the recipe for success is built on personal and direct relations, the cornerstone of which is responsiveness, an ability to listen to customers, a dedication to service and mutual assistance. Since the company was founded, it has always remained faithful to its core economic and human values.

Priority to training

Whether you are looking to enhance your technical, quality, security or management skills, AVILOG POLSKA enables its staff to take a number of “in-house” training courses which are delivered by employees and training staff with the necessary expertise and qualifications. We also encourage our employees to take part in training courses throughout their professional careers.

Our long tradition of training both in France and Poland has given us a platform to devise and adapt compulsory training modules and create our own teaching methods geared towards professionals.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies

AVILOG POLSKA has developed its expertise and know-how of mobility and traceability tools based on its experience of farmyard activities.
All our lorries are now fitted with IT equipment in order to track deliveries in real time. State-of-the-art on-board computers compile and analyse vast quantities of social and technical data, which increases the reliability of transport operations in compliance with applicable regulations.
AVILOG POLSKA has spent the last few years adapting its road operations to the digital age. From automated orders to real-time delivery statuses, and are used to increase efficiency and ultimately improve the service we provide to our customers.